States and institutions must have a code of conduct stipulated in one legal document known as the law. Citizens and members of different institutions are needed to obey the law. Rules and regulations are put with a genuine purpose. It is through the law that people enjoy living together in peace. Peace is very crucial in every place. Peace can be disrupted by wars and hatred among people. The law always gives warnings to the evildoers. The law is used to distinguish different states. Global states are known to have their laws. The law is used in learning institutions as a subject on its own. This allows students to know their rights and freedom before they move into the corporate world. Law schools are used to produce lawyers who charge criminals in court. Lawyers themselves rely on their career to earn a living. Everyone is subject to the law. There are many instances that people suffer from others who break the law. Individuals can suffer through road accidents. Road accidents make victims suffer physically, psychologically, materially, and emotionally.


We can get injured through recklessness in the call of duty by others. An example where one can suffer from negligence in the call of duty is a healthy institution. Doctors can, for example, make a patient suffer through wrong prescriptions. People can get injured from the police force. Some of the police force can wrongly use firearms against their fellow citizens. Workers can be injured in their workplaces through their bosses and working tools and equipment. There are many forms of harassments that can injure employees in workplaces. Employees can suffer from working overtime, strong program, lack of support, lack of payments, physical injuries to name a few. Workers like any other person are supposed to be treated fairly. Workers also have their law in workplaces. It is good for a worker to look for a workers compensation lawyer macon in case of a work injury.



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